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Our Mission

We are ambitiously determined to empowering our audience to live healthier and happier lives, to unleash their fullest potential – to be outstanding.

At Busy Yogi, we believe that sustainable peak performance is achieved not just by working hard, but through a combination of training the power of the mind, reducing stress and centering in the heart. We use a variety of tools – with a focus on meditation, mindhacks and yoga – to inspire you to be the best possible you.


Think of it like this: to win the racing championship, a racing horse can’t run 24/7. Yes, it needs training, but it also needs nurturing, rest and loving attention.

The same is true for your body. You have this amazing tool at your disposal. Treat it right and you will be able to do amazing things! The Busy Yogi courses offer all the tools you need to not only build a successful career, but to thrive at whatever you do and enjoy it. And we keep it simple and light: who said that learning can’t be fun?


Busy Yogi is created by Peter Cook.


Peter Cook has worked as a lawyer at a big law firm for almost eight years. He knows from personal experience what can happen when you work in overdrive for too long. In his own words:

“It all started with a headache on a Friday afternoon. A headache that would stay with me for almost two years. I neverhad headaches, hangovers apart. Af first I tried to continue working, taking a bunch of pain killers everyday. Nothing changed though. After a couple of weeks, I reduced my hours and shortly after I completely stopped working. I realized something was seriously wrong when, after having been at home for three months, I tried to start working again but wasn’t even able to work more than twelve hours a week.

Western medicine offered no adequate solution to my headaches. When nothing showed up on the scans in the hospital, I was left with a subscription for painkillers. However, I knew that these would not work on the root cause.

I tried whatever I could lay my hands on. It wasn’t until I did a ten day meditation retreat that something really shifted for the first time. After that retreat, I continued to meditate. In addition, I started to practice yoga. At first, the practice kept me on my feet. It helped me to focus more on the present moment. I noticed that the headaches came and went. One moment the pain could be intense, but in other moments I didn’t feel that bad. Over time, the headaches started to fade and ultimately I recovered.

One of the most important lessons I learned was understanding how much the body and mind are connected. I have always enjoyed working hard, but had little appreciation for the amazing tool that allowed me to do so. I would merely see my body as something that supports my brain. I also realized that the ultimate root of my headaches was not having a sense of purpose in my life. So I quit my job and travelled to Southeast Asia to study yoga. I enrolled in an intense three months (550 hours) Yoga Teacher Training, followed by a two months (340 hours) Yoga Therapy Training, and started teaching.

It has now been almost three years since my daily headaches stopped. I don’t want you to experience what I have been through. Instead, I would like to help you improve the power of your mind, reduce your occupational stress and live a life of purpose.

This is why I created Busy Yogi.”

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